H Siegecrafter Video

by wheetcracker, 6 days ago

I've been putting this off for weeks, but here it is in all of it's 12/14H goodness.


Also, Paragons video is in the works.


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H Thok Video

by wheetcracker, 107 days ago

GJ team, this jerk died a lot faster than I thought he would.


Now 11/14


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H Malkorok Video

by wheetcracker, 117 days ago

Good jerb team. Now 10/14.


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H Spoils Video

by wheetcracker, 131 days ago

Now with Mumble sound.


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H Dark Shamans Video

by wheetcracker, 132 days ago

It's been a little while since the last video, I know. I've been screwing around trying to get mumble recording to work.


I guarantee it will be in the next video, and then the rest after that.


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