Mythic Kargath Down! The Remnant goes 1/7 mythic.

by wheetcracker, 2 days ago

Excellent job, nerds.

We're off to a great start.

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Heroic Butcher Kill (Server First!)

by getrak, 12 days ago

if anyone who didn't get in for the first kill wanted to see how it went, heres the vid:

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Heroic Garrosh Kill!

by Muleface1, 71 days ago

Watch live video from Mulefaced on Twitch


Better vid up tomorrow or so to replace this one.

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H Paragons Video

by wheetcracker, 110 days ago

It's bad, don't watch it.


Dat 13/14H though.


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H Siegecrafter Video

by wheetcracker, 117 days ago

I've been putting this off for weeks, but here it is in all of it's 12/14H goodness.


Also, Paragons video is in the works.


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